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We Support The Williams Syndrome Foundation

October 1st, 2015

Williams Syndrome is a rare disorder. Like Down's Syndrome it is caused by an abnormality in chromosomes, and shows a wide variation in ability from person to person. Williams People have a unique pattern of emotional, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. For parents, teachers, and care workers, learning about this pattern can be a key to understanding a Williams person and in helping them achieve their full potential. It is a non-hereditary syndrome which occurs at random and can effect brain development in varying degrees, combined with some physical effects or physical problems. These range from lack of co-ordination, slight muscle weakness, possible heart defects and occasional kidney damage. Hypercalcaemia - a high calcium level - is often discovered in infancy, and normal development is generally delayed.

​Elvie Carpenter, Director at Frederick R Miller has a granddaughter, Grace, who was diagnosed with this condition a year ago and the syndrome has

Williams Syndrome Cover.jpg

manifested itself in Grace with heart defects and developmental delays. Grace underwent open heart surgery in July 2015 and the operation was a huge success enabling Grace to become more active.  Grace is now 18 months old and continues to reach her milestones, although she is still unable to walk she can crawl like a demon!​On Saturday 17th October a concert was held to raise funds and awareness of this little known syndrome.  The concert was held at all Saints Church, Witley and was a performance by EVOC, a wind and brass group. The music was a mixture of light classical and popular music and was enjoyed by all who attended.  With the ticket sales, raffle and sales of light refreshments we were able to raise £750 for this charity. If you wish to learn more please visit

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Frederick R Miller Lorry Driver Saves The Day

October 19th, 2015

Andy Yarrow, 51, from Guildford, who works for Frederick R Miller, was driving on the southbound carriageway in his HGV when he spotted a car in the outside lane with its hazard lights on.

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