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Why Us?

Why choose Frederick R Miller Ltd

We are proud to be a family run business that strives for excellence and professionalism from all of our employees. We are one of the best known and most trusted logistics companies in Surrey. We have kept the same values and morals right from the beginning and strive to maintain them.


We are a leading logistics supplier with 50 years’ experience. At Frederick Millers we are adaptable and proactive with an excellent customer service department. Whether you’re a customer, employee or supplier we will endeavour to sort your request out as soon as possible.


Frederick R Miller is one of the largest members of Palletways, Europe’s largest provider of express palletised distribution services. We are the Experts when it comes to delivering pallets.


We offer a bespoke solutions service which is geared towards customer experience from UK same day deliveries to anywhere in Europe and International. We offer a Hub service and container loading and unloading as well as short and long term storage.

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View your pallet, anytime anywhere.

Our advanced online portal tells you all you need to know about the progress of your delivery, view your pallet right from your fingertips.

Digital Hub Info

The NEW Palletways Digital Information Hub


  • Real-time consignment visibility

View on your dashboard consignments across the network. See on a map the exact location of any consignment, at any time in real-time. See all delivery times, estimated times of arrival and any consignments at risk. All consignments out for delivery can be monitored as their status indicator changes from red to green as they are successfully delivered.

  • Mobile App

Access all consignment information on the go regardless of mobile coverage. The Palletways App stores updated POD and other status data, automatically downloading it to your mobile as you enter a coverage area.


  • Comprehensive Consignment Analytics

Simply choose any combination of performance measures you want to monitor e.g. delivery type, destination, time period etc and have the automated reports sent direct to your PC, tablet or mobile, at any time, any day.

  • Customer Trading Profiles

Use the power of data analytics to assess customer trading profiles, order volumes and measure sales trends - all by area or region. You select the measurement criteria and receive automatic reports enabling you to monitor and manage the trends that are important to you and identify potential business opportunities.

  • Mapped Vehicle Management Data

State-of-the-art vehicle routing software which fully automates delivery vehicle routing to determine the most efficient and cost effective delivery rounds. Total visibility of all vehicles and their position is shown in real-time on a map, just like air traffic control, taking customer service to a whole new level.

  • Instant Messaging

Instant messaging enables Palletways Network Members to communicate with each other immediately and directly on any aspect of a customer's consignment. Total transparency and consistency of information accessed from a single source guarantees best-in-class service standards for all customers.

  • Digital Proof Of Delivery Data

See the full information as uploaded at the point of delivery for every consignment via your PC, tablet or mobile.

PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile... Palletways delivers.. Efficiency and value for money every time.

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