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Palletways partners with Pallet2Ship to drive efficiency
March 17th, 2021

As one of the most reputable transporters in the industry, we have to choose very carefully the freight forwarders, or the freight brokers we team-up with. One of the most important criteria is the work ethic, and it is imperative that all the businesses we work with share our vision of what it means to offer a top quality service.

As a member of Palletways, the UK and Europe's largest and most successful pallet network, we are constantly looking for partners that are committed to the same working principles. These principles need to match ours, not only when it comes to freight collections and deliveries and the day to day running of the business, but also sustained high levels of customer service, development of IT structures and online integration, sustainability and environmental policies.

One of the freight brokers we are delighted to be working with for over 10 years now, is Pallet2ship. Together, we have managed to build a strong relationship, which offered both of us the opportunity to grow and serve a large diversity of customers both in the UK and EU.

Through Pallet2ship’s services, customers ranging from a large company to just a private individual can have access to the same services, and just as important, the same level of service we have managed to build ourselves since 1994. Palletways have nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry and we are very happy to see that alongside Pallet2ship we have successfully managed to offer our services in the UK and EU to a larger and more diverse customer base.

All of our services are trackable and visible to our customers through our advanced IT system, and if you are using our services through Pallet2ship, you will still be able to monitor the movements of your freight from collections right through to delivery with a generated tracking number.

In terms of permitted items, there is a very large range of objects that you can ship through our services, such as personal goods, engines, gearboxes etc. Nevertheless, we strongly advise our customers to pay attention to the packing process, especially if you are shipping engines or gearboxes. Please make sure they are professionally cleaned and drained of liquids before packing them on the pallet.


When it comes to imports or exports, we know how much things have changed since we left the EU. The customs clearance process may be a concern for some customers, especially for those who are new to the shipping process, but there is no need to worry! We can handle the customs formalities on behalf of our customers, and our import and export services include the customs clearance process.


Unfortunately, not all freight forwarders or freight brokers were able to acknowledge the many changes that came into effect post Brexit, and it’s massively affecting the freight there are handling. Thankfully this it is not the case with Pallet2ship. The way their business has managed to adapt to the new processes and regulations can only make us feel very confident about our relationship and the service we aim to continue to offer.


It is very important to highlight that Pallet2ship puts at your disposal some of our best services, such as: domestic and international services, next day deliveries for domestic shipments, or timed collection/delivery services, Amazon deliveries, etc. All you need to do is to access the Pallet2Ship home page input the required details, and you will receive an instant quote.


Once you have placed your booking, Pallet2ship will send you an email confirmation, including all the information and documents you need: collection and delivery details, labels, tracking information etc. Due to the advanced IT system they have created, they have integrated all of our most important features, and you will receive the same level of service we are offering if you choose to use to ship your goods through Pallet2ship.

Also, in terms of customer service, we are very happy to see that Pallet2ship values this aspect as much as we do.  Their dedicated customer service team is available if you have any questions regarding our services by both email and phone call.


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