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New Team Behind FR Miller

April 3rd, 2019

Frederick R Miller help with fundraising to send Megan Nix to Ecuador.

Firstly, we say goodbye to Brian Lee, who worked with me previously at our Heathfield depot and for the last 5 years here as Operations Manager. Brian has taken an opportunity to own part of the business of ILS back in Heathfield. We all thank him for his wholehearted input here and wish him every future success.

Andy Mayne is our new Operations Manager.  Andy has worked with us here for over 12 years and previously at  Kay Transport in Hayes and Plymouth, another Palletways operation. Andy continues with the day to day running of the operations team as he has done, adding the extra responsibilities he is more than capable of handling. Andy really is the perfect, seamless fit.

We have a new customer service lady Sian Walsh to assist our customer needs and improve communications.

The rest of the team is unchanged and will continue to work with everyone to provide the level of service myself and my departed father,  Frederick Miller, have always strived to deliver to you.


Megan Nix: Once In a Lifetime Trip to Ecuador

September 11th, 2017

Frederick R Miller helps with fundraising in order to send Megan Nix on a one in a lifetime trip to Ecuador to help the communities


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